Sometimes promises are hard to keep!
Every single day we make N number of decisions with the respective perspectives as well as a specific agenda. Although how many times we say otherwise, we actually mean what we think and decide. Even when it gets tough to outrightly put across the thoughts as they are, we still should try our best to express and communicate what we feel extremely strong for!
Why curb down your whole life when deep down everything is storming for something bigger and brighter. Don’t get frightened,fight back the inner demons and monsters. It is time that you care for yourself as much you care for the world.
It is okay to say No sometimes, it is okay to talk unnecessary about innumerable things, it is okay seriously to be considered complete jerk-if that makes sense to your own self, it is okay to be you!
Just promise yourself that nothing will bring you hatred, negative energies, depression, anxiety, fear and loss. Promise to love everything, everyone – absolutely everyday! Promise to make love to self and nature only then can you make peace with its elements including our species. Just don’t make such promises which are hard to keep and fulfill, which are exactly what this material world will push you forward to.

As I say, believe in the magic which dwells endlessly even when everything is tragic!


Miracle girl!

It was three in the morning, woke up with a enthralling dream. Something, somewhere was not right, she knew it. As she got up to calm herself, she thought of all the people in her life. She was trying to figure out what made her dream so real to disturb her that night. Someone close could be in danger or it was just a reminder of keeping in touch with her loved ones. She made a list of what to do early morning onwards and prepared herself a cup of tea. Through the glimpses of past in her thoughts, she realised that she has merely been fully accepted by anyone. There were her parents who always believed in her and stood by her side. She was one of those who never begged anyone to stay in her life, if things are not working well in the concerned relationships then she mutually cut the chords with them. All done regardless of how fond she has been of few of them, she just glorified the idea of respecting emotions and space. Even in her life, right now things were miserable, she still made it seem like it is not a big deal to live with people who maintained their judgements about her , although changing them but actually not sure if it was in any positive sense.
She has been coping the sudden changes thrown at her in all aspects of life, her understanding of the worldly issues was more deeper than those she had come across. She could imagine all the possibilities that can either mend or break a bond, she stick with mending mostly. Dreams were such a priced possessions to her, always fresh and full of excitement. She knew she will never be bored of thoughts regarding her dreams and imagination, took it all in her stride-made her brave to face the challenges. Now , as she gets ready to take on the new day would not it be right to ask herself again- would you go over all the beautiful and chaotic mess of the world today too? Her answer made sense, Yes – till the time it does not mean to strangle my creations and withdraw me out of my passions. I will continue to grow and expand my horizons, forever stay at the edge of everything to feel the sanity in insanity, make wonderful pleasurable mistakes and learn a new lesson everyday. That is how she makes an exemption from being just another girl to being That Indian Girl!

Use and throw-not anymore!

Situations are not always in our hands. It is necessary to know what is the best for us or we will lose out on building the basic blocks of life. The way one handles his family is not the way it should be in today’s world, one should know till when one can spend their energies and time into making everyone understand what is right and what’s not!
Easier written than said, the way we want people to act is equal to how we act with them, that is how we will know where is our part in their lives. If only using and throwing would have been the nature’s way then we would not be surviving on this planet for so long.
I came to these thoughts often than required, I have realized how there is increased number of devices in hands and less number of people in life. We tend to use both not knowing that people are meant to keep and devices to allow communication. As far as I remember I was too skeptical of going on social sites and share what I felt, it just made no sense untill someone told me that why keep such thoughts to oneself when you might help someone with going online.
I convinced myself that whatever comes I will send good vibes to anyone who might need it on a bad day. I get to gather that nothing lasts for too long, even bad days will come and go and what is left is You!
Does not matter how circumstances and situations are like, breathe in long and let yourself be the best judge for the said and done. Keep the faith , not everyone is here to hurt you some are genuinely trying to kick your butt for your own good, realize it before it’s too late.
Lastly few lines from my grandfather, who is no more with us, may God bless him wherever he is-
Vo kehte Hain na
Har Kisi ko mukammal jahan nhn Milta,
Kisi ko zameen to Kisi ko aasmaan nhn Milta!

Never again Part 2

With the continuation to my last story about the most important journey of my life-Mumbai, this is the second part of what I actually understood and learnt from the experience. I want to share this with you all as I know there are many girls out there who might face these ordeals but succumbs, I want them to believe in themselves and stand for what is right instead.

It is quite easy for our Indian mindset which is always biased towards men and follow patriarchy in most regions; to treat women with bitterness and untoward treatment. All around there are numerous families where a man earns for the family and the women are housemakers. They are treated with disrespect, indifference and hypocrisy. Either you are living in urban, rural or suburbs of India, this is the harsh truth that comes without any discrimination of caste, religion, creed, race and upbringing. We completely ignore the fact that every living being has a right to express and live their life. We might have come to terms with our home environment where the majority role is that of a woman , the male makes it seem like he is the only one responsible for the bread and butter. This might hold true for some and exceptions are happening all over the world with the right system of education and learning. Still in my mind I had to clearly state this topic openly through my words, I hope it reaches the one it is for.

So, I would like to make it easy with logical pointers.

-Stop procrastinating your deeds, how you treat another being is just a reflection of who you are as a person deep inside. This might go on for a span of time but everyone faces their reality somehow.

– Stop misbehaving with your woman , even she has heart. She makes your living much comfortable even if she has to face the challenges you give her everyday. She deserves to have a say in every decision, she deserves to be respected, she deserves care, she deserves love, she deserves warmth, she deserves to be who she is in her own skin. Don’t make her feel that she is some commodity belonging to you.

-Stop pushing her own identity away, let her have her space , her beauty is unknown – explore it! She might not mention it, she does needs her independence once in a while where she can be herself and just relax!

-Don’t ever use violence for your cowardly actions. Of course this happens in almost any relationship where one person dominates the other and physically, mentally or emotionally uses violence to hide his own weaknesses. Such acts show how shallow personalities try to take over the stronger ones by force.

-Stop patronising your own image, stay honest to yourself. Everyone will see their fate here on Earth only, whatever you will do will come back to you. It is your choice to make sure what comes to you is happiness.

-Don’t always expect her to take charge of children, family, chores, her own job, and on top of the routinely issues you become the greatest responsibility that she has to cater to. Her needs are avoided just so you can live a life.

-On top of all protect her, nurture her, empower her, educate her, help her, understand her, be polite to her, just don’t be another nincompoop whose selfish attitude destroys a beautiful being! She just needs you to treat her equally and provide her with bright sunshine when dark clouds surrounds her.

These pointers are just a quick reminder that one can actually be happy and contented in his/her life. There is no doubt that each relationship comes with duties and compromises but how you deal with them will change the following consequences. We, in an Indian society, still don’t appreciate what needs to be appreciated. Wonderful is our life which gives us a chance to wide open our horizons and concentrate on becoming a learner and seeker. The potential to grow as a person is in our hands, take this as an opportunity to reach the inner conscience and make life bloom in every aspect. Accept, forgive, forget, learn and develop again.. Do not stop and become stale, create a better tomorrow say how I was yesterday I will be better today. What happened in the past can’t hold us from the present, enjoy and say never again!

Never again!

One of my most interesting journey has been that of Mumbai. I was there for my masters in Event management and PR, eventually understanding that it is not what I am cut out for! I rebelled against my parents wishes and went there, now I realize that without parents wishes one can never succeed in life. It is like hurting the only ones who actually believe in you and your dreams. They were always right , had I known that would have saved me a lot of mess.

However, moving on to the journey. When I reached the city of dreams and hub of struggling humans everywhere, I felt a certain kind of instability hitting me. I had a fractured leg, no one besides me for any kind of help and was supposed to join college in 2 days. Settling up was never easy there, from the start I had a hard time to adjust. As I was from Delhi, many people judged without any kind of conversation involved. A girl from Delhi was looked at as one who abuses, talks dumb, only knows recent fashion, party animal and basically nonsensical in every way.

On the other hand, here I was with arms wide open for the city to give me the best years of my life. But as it goes, man proposes god disposes. I exchanged greets with few classmates, made good rapport with the professors and tried to concentrate on my post graduation. Little did I know the coming months will change me and my life 360 degrees.

I had a cute roommate, she hailed from Assam and knew me since college days. We shifted to a rented 1BHK after a month of stressful living with 2 other girls. I was inclined to dance since childhood, so there too I gave my name for the extra curricular dance activity. With this process I met a junior who was my dance partner, super cool to talk to and after a day of chilling together he came with 3 other classmates to our house. Me and my roommate were surprised and happy to meet new people and make friends so easily. Later on, we realized that they didn’t leave for 2 days. We partied all day and night , regardless of whether we have our lectures or not. Within few months one of them came really close to my heart and there was another who grew feelings for my roomie. We even named our group- STONERS! I thought I have found my actual family but hey, it only happens in movies!

Suddenly after growing super fond of each other for good 6 months, we all ended up spending all the time in the world together. I gave my 100 percent in friendship and love, I nurtured each and everyone with ease and convenience. The last 4 months of my stay were horrid, I was beaten, questioned, always kept under suspicion, had an eye following me everywhere, I could not even talk to my family- it was some kind of possession of something supernatural on me, I was wondering that this girl is not who came here with dreams in her eyes. I lost myself in the depths of that city! I lost me! The only thing which kept me pushing towards right direction was my belief that I can, I can leave those people, that lifestyle, that city and leave everything that made me not me.

By god’s grace I found the courage to leave, after 11 months of torture, I stood up and left! After coming back to Delhi one of my good friend proposed my hand in marriage to my parents, and I was hitched for life! I still cannot come to terms with what happened there, what was it that took an odd turn.

There is something inside which reminds us of who we are, trust that intuition and follow what it says. I look back and say to myself again and again, that would not happen with me or anyone else in this world , ever again! Keep faith, say what needs to be said, disagree when you don’t agree, such people don’t have any authority to make you unsure of who you are inside-outside. You are amazing, pure inside-outside , you are your own heroes. This by far has been the most important lessons in my life, I am what I am now because what I faced in form of obstacles. I let them go, I let my love pour to each beautiful thing all around and what you give you receive!

My kind of love!

I do have a lot to say but I chose some other day!
When I will speak my heart out you won’t be able to understand it!
That is the basic reason people grow out of love, they stop putting any kind of efforts in their relationships. It’s not that easy to find someone for the rest of your life. If you can’t seem to understand a certain point of your partner, just leave it there and change the topic to something else. This will help in sustaining the bond or else it will fade away each day.
Don’t keep poking him/her with faults you see, look at the positive attributes and the ability that they cope up with a person like you too without any sort of complaints!
Love is an act of giving a person space , time and right frame of mind to open up to you. For that one needs to nurture the act of selflessness; if you cannot make them your priority they will be gone in no time. It is just like taking care of a plant, or a pet you adopted or your own child. We don’t mind them misbehaving, acting stupid or be crazy at times; we love them without conditions. That is the whole point of loving, making any relationship succeed one needs to unconditionally give in to the other.
We should boost them, uplift them, make them shine the brightest and believe that they are the best. They should not for a moment think that they are being taken for granted or not appreciated for their time and efforts. We might want to sometimes break away and leave , no hold on! Just make yourself adaptable , you will see that greatest storms comes and blow the undesired away but not you!
Love like there ain’t no sunshine without them, live like you both breathe in the same body and keep hustling, that is the real trick of our journeys!

Bonds untied!

We hear a lot of issues in our everyday lives. The most common topics which become necessity to be discussed in our life are love and relationships. Although we try to keep ourselves occupied with anything we can but those heart wrenching thoughts never seem to leave. We break a little inside everyday but don’t say a word about it to anyone. This in turn becomes a sad reality and we start pretending to each and every person we meet and greet.

Why is it that we find ourselves running away from the obvious realities and look for best ways to escape. This holds true for almost any random person , anywhere in the world. We try to put our happy face forward and hide all the pain. Why?

Basically we all have trust issues with people around us and even with our own self, we are scared and we tend to safeguard ourselves so that no one can take advantage. We build our own demons inside living merely as puppets to our failures and lack of confidence. We push our self esteem so low that it becomes apt to act awkward in social gatherings or close encounters.

We are in dire need to find closure to the”n” number of nugatory thoughts from our minds. Layer by layer unfold the problem areas, addressing to love and relationships first- they are the vitamins and minerals of our life! By going the extra mile for own self can have enthralling results, by maintaining our emotional balance we can achieve the same physical and mental balance.

Embracing the negativity, energising positivity can change the outlook for many who give up the hope to lead wonderful lives. Endure the pain inside and eventually tiny blocks in life will give you closure so that you turn to a complete and contented person altogether. Create bonds which make you grow , untie those which you bore every second on. Become precious with time and rebuild for a better tomorrow.